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How to write a course yourself

Here we tried to outline the basic principles of writing term papers, using which any student will be able to independently and correctly compose a job and protect it "perfectly", reported on the portal leadership scholarship essay.

For students of all specialties, the following actions will be equally mandatory.

1. To choose, having agreed with the supervisor of studies, the topic of course work.
2. Develop a plan.
3. To choose the necessary amount of training manual for filling the course work, guided by the principle of more - better.
4. Not infrequently before the course work, students practice at the enterprise, in which case the practice report will be part of the course work and an additional source of information.
5. All materials are brought in a consistent, comparable form, and the work plan is adjusted.
6. Following each item of the plan, fill the course with a textual part, prepare intermediate conclusions for each section and chapters, make an assessment of all the work and write a general conclusion.
7. According to the methodological recommendations of your university, you need to format the course: specify the required parameters (font, indents, page numbering, etc.); draw up tables, drawings, attachments properly.
8. To hand over course work on check.
9. To protect course work.

Choosing the topic of the course work, it is necessary to be guided by the principle that many students enjoy: choosing close topics for all coursework in basic subjects and at the end of the studies get an almost finished thesis, which will only need to be slightly adjusted. Despite this, the theme of the work should be understandable, close and interesting. Another case, when the head himself determines the topic, not giving students the right to choose - there is already that will get.
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